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6. Have you collaborated on research and writing in a field of common interest with Israeli colleagues? If so, please describe and provide the names of those colleagues.

7. If you have not yet collaborated with Israeli colleagues but would like to do so, please indicate the relevant discipline(s) and any relevant Israeli scholars you know by name (please include their discipline and institutional affiliation) with whom you might like to collaborate.

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If you are chosen as a participant for the 2013 FF2Israel program, you agree to submit a post-program report upon your return from Israel, and no later than July 30th 2013.

As programs usually involve walking on unleveled terrain, and due to safety issues, it is requested that all applicants make us aware of any conditions that may impede your involvement at the time of registration.

Upon acceptance, all FF2Israel 2013 participants will be required to provide a check for $250 — an airfare cancellation fee in the event they are unable to attend the program. All participants who attend and complete the program will be refunded the $250 cancellation fee.

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